Path of Peaceful Warrior — Armenia


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1. traning course

Venue: Aghveran, Armenia

Dates: 8-14 September 2013

Participants: Hynek Protivanský, Jakub Urban

Participating countries: Hungary, Romania, Italy, Norway, Croatia, Belarus, Moldova, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia

Project report:

Thirty people including people from Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Georgia, Moldova, Norway, Ukraine, Romania, Italy and the organizing country of Armenia met for 7 days in order to practice martial arts and discuss healthy and unhealthy life-style in a beautiful Aghveran resort surrounded by trees that provided incredible feel of nature and freshness.

During the first day we introduced ourselves, our country and those who practiced a martial art introduced also that. After that we played a little team building game. Thanks to it and very friendly atmosphere we quickly understood that these people are very easy-going and fun to be with!

The practical part began and we were explained basic principles of Armenian Kung Fu martial art style taught at Gevorgyan martial arts school founded by Master Gevorg Gevorgyan. In first place the necessity of self-developing approach was stressed. Not less important, though, was to realize importance of inner peace since the spiritual part is equally important to the physical part of ourselves. Complexity of this martial art was described as combination of agility and physical abilities; martial acrobatics, self-development, self-control, feeling and respecting of own body as well as use of natural powers through Tai Ji.

As for the theoretical part, we went through several interesting seminars, for example on why do people live unhealthy and how can we change that for ourselves. Next to seminars we also listened to a lecture on inner peace resolution or proper eating habits led by Master Levon Mosinyan.

I was very happy with the organization of this project with Anna Yeghovan in the lead of it. At first, our expectations were considered. Then, as the project was running, reflection groups were organized in the end of every day. Our request to visit lakeSevan proposed by several participant was also met. This project was truly dedicated to its participants! 

What is not to be forgotten is a trip to the capital Yerevan with a visit to the Gevorgyan Martial Arts School closed with a dinner in a beautiful restaurant. The Intercultural night was organized together with participants from another project that was being held in the same venue was full of delicious food and joy. Since the topic of the other project in the venue was meditation for health and creativity, which was a topic similar to the one of our project, it was mutually convenient to be discussing during the free time and even have some sessions together.

It seems like I could go on about this project forever :). To put it into a nutshell: Friendly people, interesting topic, beautiful nature, awesome group of participants enhanced by participants of the “neighboring project” – those are the things making this an unforgettable and inspiring experience. Forever in my heart!

Hynek Protivanský

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