Preventing Radicalization of Young People through Youth Work — North Macedonia


Programme: Erasmus+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Struga, North Macedonia

Dates: 25 November—3 December 2021

National team size: 3

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Participating countries: Finland, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Spain, Estonia, Italy, Denmark and the United Kingdom

Hosting organisation: PUNTLAND COMMUNITY RY (Finland) & Volunteers Centre Skopje (North Macedonia)

Project description:


The European continent is a multicultural environment, with rich cultural diversity. However, in recent years it becomes evident that the EU image and values of accepting cultural diversity, even the very existence of the EU as we know it, are threatened like never before by cultural and political instability generated by the migrant crisis, terrorist attacks, separatism and rise of nationalism all over Europe – starting from Brexit, rise of nationalist parties, to the all-present nationalism in the Balkans – which consequently also fuel xenophobia, extremist ideologies and
radicalization of young people.

This reality has been stressed and elaborated in a number of EU platforms, policy papers and reports, such as the EU Radicalization Awareness Network or the EC Communication to the European Parliament on the prevention of radicalization, which define youth radicalization and violent extremism as a growing issue and threat to EU’s security and multicultural character. The project “Preventing Radicalization of Young People Through Youth Work” addresses precisely this issue: the radicalization of young people, and the need for more knowledge, competences and action for preventing this malicious phenomenon.

In particular, the project focuses on the following objectives:

  • equipping youth workers with knowledge, skills and methods for working on preventing radicalization of young people;
  • highlighting the importance of accepting cultural diversity for preventing youth radicalization through non-formal learning workshops aimed at presenting the benefits of European multiculturalism;
  • supporting the exchange of good practices in the field of youth radicalization through sharing positive experiences from different European countries;
  • providing space for networking and developing new ideas for preventing youth radicalization through mutual work of youth workers from various European organizations;
  • improving the capacity of participating organizations to prevent radicalization of young people in their communities through providing them with new youth work practices and effective activities addressing youth radicalization.


The Training Course will gather youth workers who:

  • are interested in the theme of preventing radicalization of young people;
  • have the need for more knowledge and improving their skills and competences to be more active in the field of preventing radicalization of young people;
  • are ready to transfer the knowledge gained in this project to the youth work of their organization and to other colleagues.

The preferred participant age range is 18-35, although there is no strict upper age limit.

According to the latest protocols for holding seminars/training courses indoors in Macedonia set by the Macedonian authorities, only vaccinated persons may enter seminar venues and participate in events of this kind. Therefore, please note that only fully vaccinated persons can participate in this training course.

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