Pro-Mo — Lithuania


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Trakai, Lithuania

Dates: 15-22 March 2018

Participants: Nikola Bělíková, Veronika Zoulová, Lucie Pietraszková, Adam Vrchlavský, Jan Tomášek, Daniel Bourek

Group leader: Klára Ubrová

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Italy and Spain

Please read the info-pack and the project results blog:

Hosting organisation: Tavo Europa

Project report: 

‘Lithuania or Latvia? Where will you actually go?’ asked my mum before my departure. ‘Yes, that’s a good question.’ I thought. Have you ever changed these two countries? And what if someone changes anthems before an important football match? It’s embarrassing and I never want to feel embarrassed again. Not because of this. So I decided to visit Lithuania with a capital city Vilnius and find there all differences between these two countries.

The Youth Exchange I applied is called Pro-Mo. It took place from 15 to 22 March 2018 close to a beautiful town Trakai (about 30 km from Vilnius). The topic of a project was marketing and I could not wait the morning when I met 6 interesting people from Czech Republic.

Our trip started in Brno where we got in a bus and despite few problems we had to face on the way we got to know each others and had more fun.

Firstly, after an arrival to Lithuania, we met the participants from 6 foreign countries – Spain, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania – everyone was different but all of us had one common aim – to improve cultural awareness, have fun and learn a lot using a not frequent non-formal education. That was the purpose of our organisers Roberto from Croatia, Donatas from Lithuania and Villi from Bulgaria who prepared games, workshops and presentations. Except these activities we travelled to Trakai (the town with a picturesque houses and amazing castle) and after that we visited Vilnius. Thanks to Lithuanian participants we were able to get to know the city as local inhabitants and better than tourist. We could try Lithuanian food and drinks and after one day full of fun we came back to our accommodation.

Moreover, the accommodation and food was mostly perfect. There were a lot of local food three times a day and two coffee breaks between the workshops. The topic of workshops was also interesting. We had to cooperate with 4-5 people from different countries and our task was to create a new business including business plan, marketing and events.

In Lithuania, we had a lot of fun, we gained an inspiration and motivation from each others, we got marketing knowledge. And last but not least – we met interesting people and built new deep friendships with them.

Finally, would you like to know how did this amazing experience happen to us? It’s simple. Everything started as an idea of Erasmus+ projects which are financed by European Union, continued by three young organizers which has been already mentioned and ended with European Youth Centrum Břeclav (thanks to this organisation we could be there).

Are you interested in Erasmus+ as much as me? Don’t wait, fill in an application form and have a lot of fun! Your experience is up to you!

Klára Ubrová

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