Rainbow Youth: Furthering LGBT+ Inclusion in Youth Work — Great Britain (Scotland)


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Pitlochry, Scotland, Great Britain

Dates 5—13 December 2022

National team size: 2 youth workers (aged 18+)

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Leadership, Equality and Active Participation (LEAP) in Sports Scotland

Project report:

The Eramus+ training course Rainbow Youth: Furthering LGBT+ Inclusion in Youth Work took place in a picturesque village in the middle of Scotland called Pitlochry on December 5. – 13., 2022. Nine countries took part (Czechia, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, France, Greece and Macedonia), with teams of two participants per one partner organisation. The host organisation was the local LEAP Sports Team.

The program, though quite time-consuming, was focused on better understanding of the LGBT community (through terminology and facts, as well as personal stories of people etc.) and how to improve inclusion in today’s youth work. Our lovely trainers were friendly, enthusiastic, well-versed in the topic and with good English, which is not always the case. Clearly, they spend a lot of time creating the programme for this training course, which we all appreciated.

The accommodation was provided at a local youth hostel. We were split in rooms of two or three participants. We had the whole venue for the project, which was quite lovely. All food was cooked on-site, with great help from the delightful volunteers from the host organisation. It was a tasty mix of standard international food and the local, traditional cuisine. We also had dinner at a restaurant two times, which everyone enjoyed. For me, the biggest advantage of this system was the ecological side of things. Cooking in house and using washable cutlery and crockery should be, in my opinion, strived for whenever possible. Too often have I seen disastrous amounts of plastic used for project catering.

Scotland is a beautiful country (except for the prices) with amazing, friendly people. Everyone who took part in this project only had positive experiences with the hosts, as well as all the other locals. We all had a great time in Scotland and would come back in a heartbeat.

Michal Šťastný

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