Sales to Success — Latvia


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Dates: 7—15 August 2022 

Venue: Burtnieki, Latvia

Please read the info-pack

National team size: 3 participants (aged 21-35)

Participants’ fee (collected by the hosting organisation): €50/participant

Hosting organisation: Re:View Latvia

Project description:

Sales to Success is a personal development training course that will give you the chance to develop your sales skills and boost your performance in life.

It will combine the best practices from the business world together with Experiential Learning methodology this way creating an innovative, dynamic and highly participatory programme!

What’s available for you: 

  • Develop your own personal project;
  • Improve your sales skills;
  • Know how to use the language of benefits;
  • Boost your ability to get the desired results;
  • Expand your limits & step outside comfort zone;
  • Know how to discover other persons` needs;
  • Be confident to present your ideas;
  • Become aware of your inner power;
  • Develop “I can do it” attitude;
  • Gain valuable sales techniques.

Who are we looking for?

  • 21-35-year-olds;
  • Able to freely communicate in English;
  • Reside in Latvia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Czechia, Romania, North Macedonia or Cyprus;
  • Work with people on a daily basis;
  • Motivated and committed to actively participate in the project;
  • Have a clear project (goal) that you would like to work on;
  • Ready to step out of their comfort zone.

What to expect?

Since we believe in the Experiential Learning methodology, we are planning to have a project with dynamic and packed days (8-10 hours per day) in which you will have the chance to be in charge of your learning and work on your individual projects. Thus, this program will require your active participation!

We are also planning to use ice swimming and outdoor rejection therapy which will give you the chance to step out of your comfort zone and boost your performance in life!

In general lines the plan is the following:
DAY 1 – Intro
– Setting the group atmosphere, making agreements with participants, getting to know each other
– intro to Sales; the idea of personal projects; first try at Sales
– Sales Structure (based on the examples from business world)
DAY 2 – Stepping out of the comfort zone
– Reasons behind my project; personal value setting
– Why haven`t we achieved our goals? (what`s disturbing us)
– My inner protection mechanisms (what supports me and what does not)
– Ice bath
– How to overcome my fears
DAY 3 – how to discover the needs of others
– building rapport with others (establishing trust & connection)
– trust & surrendering as part of establishing relationships
– how to feel, act and talk confidently
– how to find out the needs of others, questioning practices
DAY 4 – language of benefits
– psychological basic needs
– language of benefits (concepts and use)
– personal assesment
DAY 5 – Presentation skills
– Presentation skills
– How to argument?
– Body language
DAY 6 – assignments outside
– rejection therapy (becoming okay with the word “no”
– practising what we learnt (questioning and listening practices, needs assessment, language of benefits, argumentation etc)
– evaluation & closing

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