SMS – Denmark


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Stenløse, Denmark

Dates: 22-29 July 2016

Participants: Daniel Hausner, Tomáš Fogl, Martina Vališová, Petra Sýkorová, Sylva Vu

Group leader: Roman Jordán  

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Participating countries: Denmark, Czech Republic, Turkey, Estonia, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania

Hosting organisation: Copenhagen Youth Network

Project info:

Denmark. They say that Danish people are the happiest in the whole world. Is that true? We went to Denmark to find that out!

Our check-in was very early in the morning, some of us even had to sleep at the airport for a couple of hours. What a hilarious sight, when I got to the gate, where we were supposed to meet, I got to see 3 tired guys, even though the project did not start yet. Ahead of our scheduled arrival we received a timetable of the whole project. There were a lot of discussion groups through which we got to meet each other and talk. Every day had a detailed schedule, we knew exactly what were we supposed to do, or where to be.

The main topic of our project was inclusion through sports and other recreational activities. We were discussing various ideas and topics related to this and received a lecture from an externist which was very enriching. We also did a lot of sports. Almost every nation prepared a teambuilding activity, or so called energizer, which were supposed to give us energy and encourage us for example in the morning. It was very interesting to engage in these games, every nation has different rules even though it is the same game so we got to practise our language skills as well since there were almost every time some misunderstandings.

We also participated in cleaning of the facility and cooking dinner. It was a great way how to bond with other people, for example cooking with the Italians is something you should definitely experience J Evenings belonged to intercultural experience, we got to taste food from Italy, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Denmark and Turkey.


In the beginning I talked about the happiness of the Danes. They even deny that this quote is true. It might sound like a cliché but I believe that each of us felt like the happiest person in the whole world during the project, even if it was just for a short moment. At least I did.

Sylva Vu

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