Useful Skills for Youth Development — Spain


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Puente Genil, Spain

Dates: 15—21 June 2022

Please read the info-pack and daily activities schedule. For the complete project results, please check out the project Fb page:

Hosting organisation: Asociación Europa 2000

Czech team: Mariia Martynova, Barbora Konečná, Lenka Dvořáková

Project report: 

Amazing Funny- sunny-friendly vibes was something this project was about 😊 I was so excited I could spend this lovely time with other participants. 

Thanks to the great organizer EYCB who connected me with other Czech girls, we bought the same train to Puente Genil. Our group leader Juanje Rey sent a taxi for us to the train station and when we took our baggage to our rooms, this wonderful project could start. 

To get to know each other we played funny games. Juanje brought such a pleasant atmosphere into the group that it was a pleasure for all of us to participate in the various tasks, and I think I can say that no one was afraid to open up also about deep personal matters. We were dealing with questions regarding our personal visions for the future, self-reflection of the past years, the question of unemployment and the type/possibility of support in the each countries from which the participants came from, then ecology, sustainability and was the most important, we were tolerant and helpful to each other, also we had a lot of fun together! 

I really appreciate that although we did a lot of projects/tasks and work, we had the opportunity to get to know Spanish culture. We tasted a lot of great Spanish food, attended local primary school performances, evening music projections and visited Cordoba. Throughout our stay, chef Pablo prepared our food brilliantly, thanks to him we were able to try homemade paella and special croquettes.

It was a week full of inspiration and great experiences. Even though we are each from a different country, we all perceive situations/problems very similarly. I can’t wait to apply my experience to work with young people here in the Czech Republic.

I can only warmly recommend this type of project to others. It is a great opportunity to get to know another culture and make new friends. This amazing Spain vibes will stay in my mind forever 😊

Thanks so much to EYCB that I could be a part of this project!

                                                                                                                                                 Barbora Konečná

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