Show Me Your Tools — Romania


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: training course

Venue: Busteni, Romania

Dates: 4—13 December 2023

Czech team: 2 participants

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Hosting organisation: FPT Buzau, Romania

Project report:

From 4th to 13th December, I had the privilege of participating in the transformative Erasmus training course, “Show Me Your Tools,” set against the picturesque backdrop of Busteni. This immersive experience brought together 30 individuals from 14 diverse countries, including Finland, Czechia, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Turkey, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Italy, and Hungary. Our shared mission was to exchange and explore various tools and methods employed in non-formal learning for young people.

The initial days of the training course were not merely about diving into the content but were dedicated to building a strong foundation of camaraderie among participants. Getting to know each other was a deliberate and invaluable step, fostering a deeper understanding and connection that would set the stage for the exchange and learning of diverse non-formal education methods.

One notable highlight of the program was the Non-Government Organization Fair, where each organization presented itself through creatively designed paper T-shirts. This exercise not only introduced us to the different participating organizations but also provided a unique and engaging platform for sharing essential information.

The St. Nicholas party, featuring a Secret Santa gift exchange, added a festive touch to the course, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere. Beyond formal sessions, the exploration of nature and the city allowed for informal bonding, further strengthening the sense of community among participants.

An intergalactic evening showcased the cultural richness of the 14 represented countries, fostering an appreciation for diversity. Outdoor activities, including the Land Art method, immersed us in nature and encouraged creative expression.

A significant part of the program was dedicated to hands-on learning sessions. Notable among them was the VELLA’S STEPS exercise, guiding us on choosing the right method and planning effective sessions. The FISH MARKET session, employing the 5W method, demonstrated the process of team creation and collaborative tool development for educational exchanges.

One of the most impactful sessions where I participated involved the application of the Theatre of the Oppressed method. Through a thought-provoking performance addressing the issue of bullying, we not only honed our acting skills but also gained insights into problem-solving and understanding perspectives. This exercise was a powerful demonstration of the potential for change through empathetic storytelling and collective reflection.

In conclusion, the “Show Me Your Tools” training course not only met but exceeded my expectations. It provided a platform for profound professional growth, equipping me with an array of new methods for immediate application. More than just a learning opportunity, the experience fostered international cooperation, establishing a collaborative environment where each participant gained fresh perspectives and invaluable experiences. Busteni became the nexus of shared knowledge, friendship, and a commitment to enhancing youth education through innovative non-formal learning methods.

Jaroslav B.

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