Social Cohesion after Migration — Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+: Youth programme, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Siirt, Turkey

Dates: 12—18 July 2021

Please read the info-pack.

Participating countries: Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey 

Hosting organisation: Cedid Dernegi

Czech team: Alexandra Salamonová (GL), Adéla Řezáčová, Michal Šťastný, Daniel Vozňák, Jana Marešová, Jakub Priputen, Julie Svobodová, Natálie Siwá

Project report:

Merhaba! Welcome to Turkey!

Welcome to a place full of nice, hospitable and friendly people. It was my pleasure to travel to Turkey (Siirt) with seven other Czech people on the 12th July. We were really excited about the project “Social Cohesion After Migration“ that ended on the 18th July. There were eight people from each country: Czechia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain a eight from the hosting country: Turkey.

Thanks to the perfect preparation and organization – we were able to create a wonderful team without any single mistake! During a lot of activities we got to know each other better and better and thanks to many group works, we were able to cooperate quite easily. For example, we addressed the needs of migrants, organizations that can help people who migrate. All these activities led us to discuss in international teams and then present as a team this knowledge. The result of each exercise brought us practice of English and move our level a little higher.

Moreover, we experienced quite a lot from Turkish nature and culture – boat trip in Siirt Botan, Canyon in Siirt, view point balkon in Tillo, magical city Siirt, we played footbal with Kurdish kids, we tasted a Turkish specialites especially Kebap. We also visited Shisha bars – you have to go there if you are in Turkey! You have to!

The aim of this project was to acquaint young people with the issue of migration, integration of migrants and to connect international views on migration. We discussed all these points, worked in a team and independently, and always presented our results to other members. The initial topics were focused on the basic knowledge of migration, then we got into deeper topics.

The result of this project was an awareness of this great issue. I believe that we each took away from this project what we wanted and needed. And we know that being a migrant is very complicated. I can say for myself that I am trying to create awareness about migration in my surroundings and pass on experience and knowledge from this project.

 Thank you to my Czech team for the wonderful atmosphere they created. Thank you to the Turkish organizers for the opportunity. And thank you to EYBC for being part of this project. Thank a lot every single person allowing these projects to happen!

 And little advice for those who hesitate to go somewhere?
Don’t worry, you will meet a lot of like-minded people, you will visit a great places, you will learn new things, you will leave your comfort zone, but most of all you will get to know yourself.


                                                                                      Alexandra Salamonová (Group Leader)


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