Soundmapa of Europe II – Poland


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Kamień, Poland

Dates: 18—29 August 2023

Czech team: 4 participants + 1 group leader 

Please read the info-pack. 

Hosting organisation: Windmill Foundation

Project report: 

It was my pleasure to travel to Poland with three other Czech participants to the project “Soundmapa of Europe II”. This was the second version of the Soundmapa project that occurred last year. With the icebreaker and teambuilding activities, participants get to know each other closely by name and backgrounds. This project was populated by people with musical backgrounds, so it was a good foundation to start connections with people. Occasionally you could find people getting together to the melody of a flute, or the sound of someone singing with a guitar. It was a welcoming atmosphere. We would also traverse the nature. A nearby mountain hike was the first trip to the nature. Later on another day, we ventured to the nearby river. The river was shallow so we all pulled our shorts and started walking in the river, some with their instruments, playing while standing in the river. Music in the nature is something quite else! Our project’s main mission was to perform a public performance at the nearby town’s stage. We divided into groups. Our last performance had everyone included. In our divided groups, we chose movies and clipped out their music. Then, we composed our own music with each one of our
members performing it live. Afterwards, in the concert, we performed them on the stage while the movies were running behind us on a projector. Most of the participants didn’t have any stage experience so it was an emotional experience for some people! The groups that worked together got together and formed connections. Everyone explored their strong and weak properties. Participants were all very supportive of each other and nobody was left out. Even though I myself have a more introverted personality type, I didn’t have a tough time to form connections here. Thanks a lot for all the contributors, coordinators, organizers and participants of this project.


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