Spread the Word – Great Britain


Dates:  20-27 March 2013

Venue: Newcastle upon Tyne, Great Britain

Participants: Iveta Faltysová, Jana Vašíková, Livia Cseresová

Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 4.3. training course

Project report: 

The training course Spread the Work took place from 20th to 27th March in Newcastle upon Tyne. Young people from seven countries (Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Romania, the United Kingdom) got the opportunity to spend an interactive and busy week together, and share their thoughts and experience with various methods of communication (emphasis on social media) and project management. 

The organisers deserve a special praise, they were always ready to help, and did everything in their powers to keep the participants satisfied. The program was divided very well too, thanks to which the days were not boring at all. Actually, the main reason why I think the project was great is that the time has flown by extremely fast everyday. Every evening came very quickly, and the project was over before we realized.

Livia Cserersová

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