Conflict Resolution through Negotiations – Ukraine


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Slavske, western Ukraine

Dates: 30 August – 5 September 2015

Participants: Helena Škrdlíková, Květoslava Lišková, Lukáš Štěpka

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: FAIRbund e.V.

Participating countries: Armenia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Ukraine

Project report:

Maybe you think, that project of ERASMUS+ normally are situated in countries of European union and maybe you also think, that Ukraine is now in war and there is no possibility to go there.

If your meaning about training courses and Ukraine is like this one, I want to tell you one amazing story to change your mind.

Me and my new Czech fiends participated in training course called: Resolve your conflict through negotiations. I think this theme is really actually because of Ukrainian crisis and brought together people from Czech Republic, Madeira, Italy, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Germany and from Ukraine and Hungary. We were 24 participants; we could spend one amazing week at the end of August and start of September in beautiful hotel which was located in The Carpathians mountains in town Slavske.

Leaders of this training were from Ukraine and from organization Fairbund from Germany. I can say that program was perfectly organized.

We learnt really useful methods how to resolve our conflicts, how to negotiate and everything was organized through a non-formal and informal participatory approach and several workshops, simulation games, debates, discussions and energizers.

We also had an opportunity to break our prejudices about people from other countries. One evening was intercultural evening, we did some presentations about our country and then everybody could taste traditional food and drinks. And in our free time we could get to know each other around the swimming pool or during really tasty meals and one evening also in a sauna.

To sum it up, I am so grateful that I could be there. I want to say big thank to organizators and I am looking forward to another training course.

Helena Škrdlíková

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