Start-Change-Develop — Azerbaijan


Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1. training course

Venue: Baku, Azerbaijan

Dates: 15-23 September 2013

Participants: Jan Ježek, Lucie Chlubnová

Participating countries: AZ, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Georgia, Malta, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova, Czech Republic

Project report:

Our amazing project Start-Change-Develop took place in the heart of Euroasia – in Azerbaijan which is also called „The Land of Fire“. We spent 9 awesome days between 15th and 23rd September in beautiful Olimpik Hotel located 20 km from Baku city centre.

This project connected more than twenty people from ten different countries which mean more than twenty clever heads and more than twenty new friends. Main topics of our training course were empowerment among youngsters a non-formal learning.

At arrival day we focused just on getting to know each other and playing ice-breakings games. Next day we introduced our organizations, made group and familiarize ourselves with the topic of TC. After easy start of the project we got opportunity to gain tons of theoretical and practical knowledge and experiences.

Our daily program consisted of a two morning sessions, two afternoon sessions and short session in small reflection groups before dinner. After dinner we had various programs – movie night, games night, Azerbaijani eve or intercultural evening where we presented our countries, customs and national food and drinks in very unusual way – playing theatre dressed like ancient gods.

During the project we learned about different ways of learning, coaching, mentoring, giving and receiving feedback, goal settings and many others. The programme was enriched with loads of warm-ups, ice-breakers, games and energizers. The trainings were very interesting and useful – special thanks go to our trainers Zora and Lorenco for their excellent work.


The whole project was very well prepared (thanks Turkan) and I’m so glad that I could be part of it (thanks EYCB). Forever in my heart.

Jan Ježek

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