Start Ups – Hungary


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Vásárosnamény, Hungary

Dates: 17-31 August 2015

Participants: Michal Nováček, Dominik Zehringer, Jan Melč, Michal Polena, Ondřej Spurný, Vojtěch Šmida, Nina Dvořáková, Agata Guńková, Jana Jeriová

Please read the project info-pack and daily programme.

Participating countries: Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania

Project report:

This project was situated in a small town near borders with Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania, called Vásárosnamény. There were 5 nations working and living altogether – young people from the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. In total it was around 40 participants and one organizator called Pringles, cause no one remembered his real name. We were living in Kovacs hotel, which was just 5 meters from our meeting centre where we usually spend most time of the day. This place was suitable for our work on this project because it was equiped by sufficient amount of chairs, tables, dataprojector and we were not distracted from the outside.

We spend 2 weeks in this small town working on our own virtual businesses divided into 5 nationaly mixed groups. We have learned how to create a business plan including funding, cash flow statement and SWOT analyses. Apart from this we had also a lot of fun during leisure time activities such as visiting the region, local spa, aquapark and playing games – vollayball, basketball, football and beer pong of course.

We also met a plenty of amazing, nice and friendly people and we are going to stay in touch with them through our project facebook group, webistes etc. Moreover during the intercultural nights we have learned a several new things about their country, culture, food, drink and dances. However for the most of us it was a first experience with this kind of non-formal education we enjoyed our staying in Hungary and we are looking forward to another youth exchanges. See you soon guys, peace and love,


Dominik Zehringer


The youth exchange, titled ’Start ups’, has been successfully organized with the effective assistance of your organizations selected for this project. We have acquired knowledge on business attitude and how to become a successful businessman. We could gain insight into each others’ cultures and we could find European contacts and friends. 

The Polish team was excellent at co-operation, organizing entrepreneur flash mobs and multicultural programs as well as at the competition of business plans and they provided excellent individual performances and achievements (programme guide, cultural activities). The group was active and well-prepared, the group leader is an outstanding personality.

The Czech team organized well-structured business sessions and an informative cultural evening as well as sport programmes, games and a second website. They led an excellent programme full of diverse work methods when the Hungarian national agency made a control during the exchange. The group leader has excellent leader and programme organiser skills and the other team members were also active, helpful and creative.

The Romanian team set a good example of showing and practising constant help and care towards each other. The visually impaired participants made all of us more tolerant, careful and helpful. 

The Bulgarian team was the example of the stable unity. They were excellent at making public the results, documenting the project and dealing with publicity in general by creating a Facebook group, making entrepreneur reports and making videos and photos, which were uploaded to the website, to the DVD, to Facebook and YouTube. They made a very enjoyable presentation to show the Bulgarian folk culture. The group leader provided effective help to the coordinating team in the logistical and operative tasks. 

The Hungarian team was responsible for the administrative and logistical tasks, (YouthPass certificates, Mobility Tool, website, DVDs. They also provided technical support (printing, publishing our results on the Internet). They will write and submit the report to the National Agency.The young youth leader and the other young members of the group have done a lot of operative tasks and activities that helped increasing the publicity of the project (editing the website and uploading its content, editing the DVD), they were the engines of the exchange.

Below you can see the results and products of the exchange: 

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