Steps for YOUth – Austria


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Klaffer am Hochficht, Austria

Dates: 7-16 October 2017

Participants: Vlasta Šámalová, Alena Radová, Marie Škrdlíková

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Participating countries: Austria, Portugal, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Spain , Czech Republic, Italy

Hosting organisation: Kinderfreunde Mühlviertel 

Project report: 

Grüß Gott from upper Austria!

Welcome to Klaffer am Hochtichig, the place for all kids and families. Place where the foxes are giving good night and you are almost part of the nature. Our accommodation was in beautiful house in centre in the nature with huge lake. We met there with people from Austria, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Italy, Spain, Slovakia. Our team was in three people. Maruška from south Moravia, Vlasta from Prague and Alena (me) from Silesia. We started our journey 7th of October 2017 and we ended 16 th of October 2017. 

Our aim and main topic was how to developing the level of competences in personal development methods for youth workers. We got know how to do sessions with youth works. We know the circle: experience – analysis – generalization – application.

We did a lot of games like role plays, theatre methods (improvisation, invisible, shadow theatre), dancing, drawing (social atom, the cake roles), video, walk and talk, construction activities, teamwork etc. After that we get know process methods including name games, know each other games, energizers, evaluation methods. 

We applied all methods in our session, what we made in each national group. That was awesome see, how every group have very different session and the aim was always same. 

In the end we gave youth pass and we lot of new competences, knowledge, attitudes, abilities in work with youth and our professional lives.                                                                                                                                                                      Alena Radová

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