Stronger Minds — Portugal


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: training course

Venue: Fão – Esposende, Portugal

Dates: 23—30 November 2023

Czech team: 4 participants

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: SOPRO

Project report:

Welcome to Portugal! The world of kind, honest and lucky people who live near ocean. Traveling and living in Portugal was really amazing experience. I attended on project Stronger Minds with 3 other people from Czech and there were also people from Greece, Croatia, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Ireland and volunteers from Portugal. This project was from 23. November to 30. November and we could say, that some moments from project we will never forget.

For me, as a participant „beginner“was really interesting being on this project, where were many nationalities. When we came to Porto, there was great atmosphere, a sun was shining, people were sitting outside in Cafes and restaurant, so we felt positive vibe. Our Czech Team took on first day in project walk in amazing city Porto and at the afternoon we boarded the bus to Esposende. There were more participants from project, so we met each other together on bus stop. At the beginning of project, we had many teambuilding activities, we have been playing some games for better knowing each other. We laugh a lot and I really enjoyed it.

This project was focused on our minds. We learned about wellbeing and mental health and we had also some exercises. We practiced yoga outside in the garden of our hostel and the next day we had laughter yoga. I think, that almost nobody has heard about this concept of yoga. We had different specialist for each activity, they were experts who understood individual topics. We practiced meditation exercises and breath exercises – I think, this is important skill in the current stressful life. We realized, that some exercises we can do only for few minutes per day and they can help a lot. Except practical exercises we learned something about mental health, wellbeing, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, our strengths and perception. We also did a few personality tests for better understanding yourself and every day we could write something to our note book– our facilitators gave us some questions and we should thought about answers. At the end of the project, we gave very interesting and deep task – write an email to future yourself. We could choose a horizont how many years from now do we get this email. We spoke about many interesting and deep topics, I think many people have realized some things in their lives.

During short break after lunch one sunny day we rent electro bicycles and went do the beach. There was really amazing view on a sea to the ocean. Waves were really big and some of were throwing to these waves. Water was not so warm, but we wanted to try a sea. At the evening we discovered one bar in our village. The owner and employees were extremely friendly and kind. We went to this bar more times and enjoyed dancing here.

Considering it all in all, we enjoyed many wonderful moments, definitely we had a good time. I admire excellent cooperation between different nationalities and also fact, that we everybody was helpful and try to support each other. Atmosphere on this project was relaxed. This project has taught us a lot. Maybe some people change their attitude and perception in their lives after week on this project. Be strong, healthy, don’t overthink about stuff, which you can’t influence and focus on stuff, which you can influence. Find a time for yourself.

To sum it up, we would like to thank SOPRO and EYCB for possibility participate on this project.

Ľuboš Š.

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