Thanks but no Tanks — Estonia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Viljandi county, Estonia

Dates: 12-19 September 2017

Participants: Lenka Raymanová, Martina Steklá

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Participating countries: Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Romania, Greece and Germany

Hosting organisation: MTÜ Noored Ühiskonna Heaks

Project report: 

It was beautiful sunny day and me and other participant from Czech Republic Martina met on the Prague airport and waited together on the airport for the flight to… Tallinn! A beautiful, colourful city in Estonia, a very small country on the north of Europe. In Tallinn, we met two participants from Bulgaria and all together took bus to Viljandi, where our training course about non-violent communication started. All together, we were 22 participants from 10 countries from all Europe.

First day started with team-building games, which we all enjoyed a lot. During the breaks, we were talking about culture differences and drinking coffee. When we didnť have enough energy, there was always some person, who organised “ENERGIZER” for the rest of the group. The ENERGIZER is a small exercise, which helps the group to concentrate better on the activities.

During the whole week, we gained knowledge and skills in debating, public speaking, non-violent methods and tools in communication. Part of the activities was always outside, so we were never bored. I personally discovered many new things, which I did not know before. For me, non-formal education is the best form how to actually really learn something. All activities that we did were in English, but our trainers Marco and Lorenzo were always very kind and explained everything very well, when somebody did not understand.

During the training course, we went also to the university to see, how local actions and campaigns work in reality. It was a very interesting experience, we could not even stop to ask more and more questions about that topic.

The whole week was so intensive, time flew very fast, but we really really enjoyed it and both of us are motivated to participate more on other Erasmus+ projects.

Lenka Raymanová

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