#strongertogether EU/EaP — Romania


Programme: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Dates: 19—27 April 2022

Venue: Bucharest, Romania

Please read the infopack & daily activities schedule.

Participating countries: Romania, Czech Republic, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Croatia, Latvia

Hosting organisation: COSI (Civic Orientation and Social Integration)

Czech team: Lenka Martináková, Pavlína Veselá, Lizaveta Dauhulevich

Dissemination activities:

4 ‘campaigns’ (videos) which the participants developed during the project in order to raise awareness about the topic of discrimination – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ffHgMqThrTb83K6sy70BlEm5Dos6zO8d?usp=sharing
1 campaign (Instagram page) which tells some invented stories about alcoholism – https://www.instagram.com/drunk_lives_matter.

Project report:

From 19th till 27th of June, the Czech team took part in a training course called #strongertogether EU/EaP in Bucharest, Romania. The TC was attended by participants from Romania, Lithuania, Croatia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia. The aim was to bring people together, to share knowledge, to create links, network and, in case, future partnerships. We are stronger only if we stay together. So nearly 30 people, especially youth workers, gathered in order to learn from each other and to discuss topics such as culture, identity, stereoptypes and prejudices but also discrimination, racism, human rights etc. We got deeper into thinking about our own values and our life experience, our childhood (because everything starts and ends within our self). A guest speaker from Impreuna NGO was invited to share with us her experience in work with Roma population of Romania. That was very interesting, inspiring and also touching. Another great experience was playing a game invented by a hosting COSI organisation, regarding many social topics and issues of our countries. We got together from very different countries and also of very different experience, thus playing this game was so enriching. We realised sometimes we (our societies) share problems, sometimes we share solutions, sometimes we are on different levels to reach the solution, sometimes we face totally different issues. We could play this game for a week. 

In the middle of the week we went to explore the city of Bucharest a bit and thanks to a tour guide we learned pretty much of interesting information. 

Then, we got space to introduce our sending organisations and/or our organisations we are involved in (and how we present us on social media) and it was very great space for sharing our knowledge, expertise and good practices, not mentioning it was another source of great inspiration and confirmation of hope that the world still is a good place to live in. Further, we were introduced to European Solidarity Corps, which is another way how to make this world a better place. Almost at the end, we shared our knowledge on using online tools and in groups we were supposed to create a campaign on a certain social topic. There was a wide range of social topics including LGBT+, gender pay inequality, drinking issues etc. 

Almost every evening we spent some time reflecting on the day which helped us to rethink knowledge and experience we gained. Also there were 4 intercultural nights which was educative but fun and we experienced Romanian Easter. 

To sum it up, this TC was very well organised and it was wonderful experience. I can warmly recommend COSI organisation as a host. However, every experience is always enriching, just not to be afraid. So have you already found your project?

                                                                                                                      Lenka Martináková

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