The Future of Children — Turkey


Date: 8 – 14 November 2011

Venue: Akcakoca/Düzce, Turkey

Participants: Jan Buchalcev, Hana Tomková, Libor Mišurec and Radka Kršková

Project report:

The project aim was to introduce the different kinds of crime and to take a closer look at the problematics from another point of view. Street crime covers young gangsters, street violence, prisoners, crime against minorities etc.

The daily plan and each of the activities were well prepared and the programme had a reasonable sequence. Workshops were based on non-formal education through posters, presentations, brainstorming and games on the topic of focus. It was mainly a group work, each time with different people.

It resulted with developing language and communication skills together and liaising with one another. The project wasnt based only on work, participants also played energizers and fun games to relax. Free time was sufficient and searching for the shells on the beach wasnt the only aktivity to achieve it.

In addition, Turkish cuisine was served through delicious meals and every night the intercultural dinner and presentation of the participant’s countries were on.To conlude, the exchange was a gain of knowledge and experinece, full of fun and nice people to hang out with.

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