Think It, Make It — Latvia


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Místo konání: Daugavpils, Latvia

Termín konání: 18—27 August 2023

Czech team: 3 participants

Hosting organisation: Turisma klubs “Sniegpulkstenite”

Project report:

Thanks to the support of the European Union and the EYCB, as we three participants from the Czech Republic were lucky enough to participace in eight-day training course in Daugavpils, Latvia, called Think it, Make it (TIMI). The project, which took place in August 2023, focused mainly on digital technologies, their specifications and their usage in youth work. Together with seventeen participants from six other countries we gained an understanding of a 3D printer, a laser cutter and a vacuum forming machine through non-formal learning methods. We stayed in rooms with two other people. We prepared our breakfast and coffee snacks on site and went to the canteen for lunch and dinner. Noa from Spain and Andrejs from Latvia guided us through the whole project.

The first day was all about getting to know the area and the people. We got to know the city of Daugavpils through a game where we put together a map with interesting places that we had to find and take pictures at within two hours. In the afternoon we played get-to-know-you games and made a poster with everything we agreed on as a group.

The most exciting part for us were the workshops on 3D printing and working with the laser cutter, where we were able to design and create our own prototypes. We were divided into beginners and advanced users of digital manufacturing. But before we could get down to hand-on production, we first discussed the different possibilities of these technologies and how to use them safely. There were also presentations by each participating country on the national capabilities of digital manufacturing e. g. in their school. In the second half of TIMI, a 24-hour “makeathon” was announced. We were divided into five teams of four and our task was to produce a prototype of our design under time pressure. All teams successfully presented their projects in the end. For example, a tool for learning biology, a card game were created.

We also had a free day to explore the area further. We could visit the zoo, the fort, or take a trip to the lake. Throughout the project we played various games, worked in groups, and talked about Youthpass and informal learning. We learned a lot of new things not only about technology but also about culture and life in other countries, during the so-called “intercultural nights”, where a certain country was presented, national cuisine was tasted and a quiz was played. Saying goodbye after eight days was not easy. I think we will all remember this project fondly.

Jindra M.

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