Thinking and Sharing with Images for Intercultural and Mutual Understanding — Hungary


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Dates: 19—26 February 2023 

Venue: Gyöngyös, Hungary

Please read the info-pack

Czech team: David Stehlík, Eva Grolíková

Hosting organisation: MOSTart NKKE

Project report:

This is my report, report from a person who was a last second addition to the project… Let’s say it took me less than one day from agreeing to participate in the project to really arrive to the venue (8-hour travel included). So, let me start.

Our venue was in a little sleepy town one hour and half from Budapest, where we met our grandiose group consisting from: 2 Turks, 4 Spanish, 4 Italians, 2 Hungarians, 4 Romanians, 3 Greeks, 2 Lithuanians, and our 3 lovely trainers and organizators living in Hungary. 

I would say I do not remember seeing so many artistic tools and markers for a looong time. It seemed like Santa Claus from our childhood came and visited us with all the stuff that we then asked for and received quite some years later😆. Yes, even though most of us had no idea how to call most of the color shades, we took advantage of them and used them (not sure if wisely but definitely with a spunk).

“Stop (over)thinking and start (drawing)!” Yes, it was not just play but hard work and the encouragement we heard many times, over and over again, was needed. For it does not have to be perfect, it just has to convey and support our messages and ideas.

The feeling of satisfaction in our group, after all the despair of seeing beautifully visual posters done by our trainers. And thinking I cannot do it. And then doing it, even with more colorful spirit and enthusiasm, was more than rewarding. It warmed all of our hearts as we felt the support and connection, and seen the progress of each one of us💙.

There was none of us who left without a poster or five we created during the whole training. All the posters ended in our rooms, as a sign of encouragement and accomplishment, and with a cheeky note: “I will sell it in a few years for a 10k😆”.

Eva Grolíková

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