Tolerance through the Puzzle of History – Estonia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Pärnu, Estonia

Dates: 18-27 August 2015

Advance Planning Visit (APV)28-30 July 2015

Participants: Bohdana Andruškivová, Marie Matůšová, Lukáš Libánský, Piotr Cielecki

Group leader: Tomáš Pavelka

Please read the daily activities schedule.

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Italy

Project report:

Well, they say that people from North are cold. As we found out during 10 days in Pärnu, it’s not true at all. 

The project itself started on 18th and ended on 27th August and quite unusually for Estonia, there was all the time sunny weather with exception of one day. As it always is in these projects, first day was all about arrival and getting to know each other, so we tried few energizers and some games and all workshops and other activities started on second day.

First two days were aimed on history before First World War and also during this war, then we moved to time between wars, to World War Two and in the end to talking about political systems nowadays. During this last part we made (at least for me) the best workshop of the project. Our task was to create new country with political system, constitution, flag and other things what country needs and later present it. 

Apart from workshops and lessons, we visited as well World War Two museum, played orientation game in Pärnu, made a guided tour in the city, historical costume night, international night (obviously 🙂 ), fire during few nights on the beach and also played paintball on the last day. As you can see, we’ve had quite busy 10 days in Estonia and we didn’t just sit and watch and write something.

Well, if you need last proof about Estonian warmness, there it is. On the first night they came with information that because Isabella from Italian group has birthday and we have to make a surprise for her. So we bought her a present and other things, all gathered on beach, made a fire and sang for her in all languages.

I would definitely suggest to all people to try youth exchange. It was my second and probably not the last one (if time will allow). Don’t be afraid and just try it, it’s just ten days (in case that something will go wrong 🙂 ).

Tomáš Pavelka

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