Tools & Skills; Training for new trainers – Armenia


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1.2. training course.

Venue: Dilijan, Armenia

Dates: 19-27 July 2014

Participants: František Dalecký, Martina Dvořáková, Olga Neprašová

Project report:

The plane landed in Yerevan very early in the morning, we were full of expectations for the upcoming training – “TOOLS and SKILLS for New Trainers” which was held in Dilijan, a picturesque spa town two hours from Yerevan.  The training started with an official party on 19th July and was finished with a cosy farewell party on 27th July. During the training we had a chance to meet people from different countries – Georgia, Greece, The Netherlands, Spain, Moldavia, Ukraine, Armenia, Portugal, Italy and France. We were three people coming from the Czech Republic.

            The training itself was designed to offer us a new insight into trainer’s life and related topics through different activities. The training was lead by three experienced trainers from different countries – Armenia, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom – therefore the inputs were very diverse, colourful and enriching. Hranush (Armenia) focused on personal development, Ramon (The Netherlands) orientated on different practical tips regarding using the stage as a trainer, flip charts, presentations curiosity and room settings – circles, bananas, and cabaret tables. Nik (The United Kingdom) acquainted us with different theories of group dynamics, asking questions and facilitating discussions, plus always brought a nice relaxed atmosphere. The trainers gave us lots of free space to deliver our own workshops or to share our personal experiences. 

            Each day comprised of 4 different sessions and some evening were also working – sharing our national food or telling each other personal stories. The days were officially finished by group reflections where we were “forced” to sum up the whole day and point out our learning goals or challenges.

            One afternoon was dedicated to visiting nearby monasteries and everyday we tried to hike some mountains around or visit Dilijan. The last day on our way to Yerevan we visited Sevan, the biggest lake in Armenia and its church on the island.

            In Yerevan we had a dinner together and also experienced a national custom  – everyone (almost) in Yerevan was splashing each other with water refusing to accept that we didn’t want to take part in it.  Soaked we kept exploring Yerevan and its beauties which are definitely charming.

            Thanks to EYCB Breclav, Loesje Armenia and Bridge for a possibility to take part in the training and see a bit of Armenia.


Olga Neprašová

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