We Are Trees — Netherlands


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: training course

Venue: Ommen, Netherlands

Dates: 13—21 May 2024

Czech team: 4 participants

Please read the info-pack

Hosting organisation: Stichting Impact

Project report:

Netherlands welcomed us with a warm hello. Literally, the sun surprisingly accompanied us throughout the whole wonderful week we spent there, even though weather is usually very moody. On this journey from 13th May to 21st  May embarked altogether 4 people from Czech republic. But we were not alone! We came together to Ommen, beautiful city in Netherlands, with more inspiring young people from Romania, Spain, Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Italy, and of course, Netherlands. For each country there were around 3-5 participants.

As for our beautiful and kind organizers, Anna, Ilze and Krisztina, they took a really good care of us. They stood behind us and gave us firm and supportive background, provided great ice-breakers, games to know each other, also games to enhance our communication, confidence and creativity. Every day we participated in workshops from our organizers and workshops from other participants, which goes in hand with the fact that we ourselves created some of them for others. Topics differed, but they had something in common – enhancing our inner strengths and overcoming our weak spots. It contained activities focusing on communication, stepping out of your comfort zone, confidence, standing in front of a group, creativity, making bonds, teamwork etc. On top of that, we tried as much as we could to use nature elements and do all of these things outdoors.

Dutch people were truly helpful, active, kind and talkative – one day we had an adventure with a lot of tasks, including asking strangers for help or assistance, for example building a human pyramid with at least one Dutch! It was so much fun. And to mention our housing, at gorgeous Olde Vechte we had amazing cooks, who made us delicious and varied foods. The venue itself was amazing too.

Overall, this project left a footprint in our hearts and minds – we made a lot of connections and friends, but we also gained a ton of new experience, doing all of those different workshops, creating and taking part in them, being active, creative and having an urge to be initiative. We tried new things, danced in front of people, imitated funny voices in front of a group, played games, created games, cooked together and more and more. I believe I can speak for all of us when I say that we all gained more confidence, got new ideas and perspective.

We are all glad we could take part in this project. To EYCB and Stichting Impact, we are grateful for this opportunity we had.

Filip P.

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