Lost Myself on the Internet – Greece


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Athens, Greece

Dates: 22-29 October 2016

Participants: Lucie Straková, Martin Kučaba, Jasmína Aldabaghová, Martin Paško, Michaela Zemanová

Please read the info-pack & daily activities schedule

Participating countries: Greece, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic, FYROM, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria and Turkey

Hosting organisation: Sharp Minds

Project report:

A few months back, none of would ever imagine that at the end of October we would swim in the sea and enjoy the sun with almost 28°C. It was like a dream, hotel at the beach, palms framing the streets and astounding mountains behind our backs. We were given the opportunity to participate in a project called Lost myself on the internet, that took place in the cradle of knowledge, Athens. Every one of our Czech participants heard about Athens only from the Antique myths and stories, so it was an adventure from the very beginning because we had the whole city left to explore.  
Our project was organised by a Greek organisation Sharp mind, which has experiences with training courses and also Youth exchanges. Our training course’s topic was an internet addiction and virtual life. So a topic, that almost every student can quite identify with. 
The first day we arrived in Athens was more like Lost myself on the bus than on the internet. The journey from the airport was easy as we later found out, but the information we were given, were rather confusing. But yes, eventually we found our beautiful hotel and we checked in immediately. Then we explored the surrounding seaside a bit and went to bed to get ready for next day. Also 
The following two days we were mostly in the meeting room presenting and listening to the presentations of each country. We were discussing the topic of Internet addiction and also had a presentation from a psychologist from the biggest NGO in Greece, The Smile of the Child. His presentation was very informative and interesting. I think everyone would agree that his speech was the best out of all. 
During lunch times we could visit Glyfada,  the part of Athens that we lived in. Or we went swimming to the sea. Who could say that we would go swimming in October! The weather was perfect, šarm, sunny with a mild wind.
Every day in the evening we would spend the nights by enjoying the cultural nights. There were 10 countries so it was very interesting to see the bit of their culture every day. The Czech Republic and Slovakia had their nights together. Because our cultures are pretty similar. We had a lot if drinks and lots of food. Many people said that they enjoyed our night the most. 
Our organisers were very kind and willing to solve any problem. Even though the organisation was not so good. We still managed to get along well and we have very nice memories together.
I’ll always remember the last day when we had a trip to the centre of Athens. It was beautiful sunny day and also Greek national day, so everything was for free. Museums, galleries and also the majesty of Athens, Akropolis.
We enjoyed being there and we have definitely gained lots of new skills and understood more the issue of internet addiction. I personally already miss the cultural nights and beautiful greek nature. It was definitely a positive experience for us all.
Jasmína Aldabaghová 

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