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Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Lyaskovets, Bulgaria

Dates:  8-17 August 2016

Participants: Ondřej Volejník, Pavel Jiříček, Kateřina Machulová, Tereza Plačková, Kristýna Pokorná

Group leader: Martin Fišer

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Participating countries: Croatia, Romania, Greece, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Germany, Bulgaria

Hosting organisation: Association “Youth for development of Lyaskovets”

Project report:

Everoyne knows that Erasmus plus is a program founded by the European Union that educates people, develop them and allows people to travel. What most people doesn’t know is, that it is also a place, where you make a lot of friendships and you create memories that you don’t forget.

This summer, I have taken part in one of these projects. I have decided very quickly, but I certainly don’t regret it! In the beginning of August, I have packed my things and I head towards all the adventures that were waiting for me in Bulgaria.

When me and my friend Tereza reached  Lyaskovets, we were excited to meet another 28 people, that have been already there. We had the chance to meet people from Poland, Cyprus, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria and learn all about their culture. That is actually the most amazing thing, to have the opportunity to spend time with people your own age, from different countries, different families with all these different habits and opinions. Even though I really appreciate all the workshops we have done, the opportunity to make friends all around the world is kinda the best.

The project I have taken part in was focused on the topic European citizenship. Even though it doesn’t sound like the most exciting topic ever, we did have fun! We discussed different points of view, we had several workshops, we visited the historical capital Veliko Tarnovo. The workshop I enjoyed the most was the discussion with the mayors of Veliko Tarnovo and Lyaskovets. Thanks to all these workshops we have learnt all about the European citizenships, about its pros and cons and how to actively use it in our everyday life.

I am very happy I decided to spend one week of my after graduate summer this way. I think that everyone should take the opportunity and take part in some of these projects, because you really can have the time of your life while learning new things!

Kateřina Machulová

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