Use Less. Make It Eco. Make More (LEDs) — Bulgaria


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Velingrand, Bulgaria

Dates: 22-31 August 2020

Participants: 5+1GL

Host organisation: Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria “4th April” AYPB

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Spain, Denmark, Greece, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Romania

Please read the info-pack.

Project info:

Project Description: Tired of being locked up at home because of quarantine? Do you want to live one last adventure this summer? How would you like to spend 9 days in a charming city between mountains in an informal context and a multicultural environment? Are you ready to meet new people from other countries, exchange experiences and knowledge about: environmentalism, good practices, the traditions and customs of your country and become a more tolerant and open-minded person? If your answer to these questions is yes, this project is waiting for you because it has been done thinking  to stimulate ECO and civic awareness and activity through raising general culture and awareness, discovering diversity and promoting a system and quick, easy and simple methods and techniques of environmentally friendly, healthy and prosperous lifestyle, consumption, change. The project’s young participants will discuss and generate ideas for actively preserving and promoting cultural diversity in the EU and stimulating volunteering among young people as a tool for doing us. After this project you will back to your place full up of good memories and with Youthpass certification of the European competences and skills learned ready to include in your CV.

Accommodation, Food, Transport Arrangements and Programme expences: All of them will be covered from the Project’s budget by “Erasmus +”. For more information and details: check the INFOPACK!

Participant Profile: We are looking for total of 42 participants from Bulgaria, Spain, Denmark, Greece, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Romania. From each country we will select a group of young people (aged 17 to 30 interested in the Project’s topic and our mobility and Having motivation for in the preparation and follow-up activities of the project) and 1 group leader – facilitator.

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