Using Smart(phone) – Italy


Dates: 13—21  June 2021

Venue: Palermo, Italy

Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Please read the info-packproject description. 

Hosting organisation: HRYO (Human Rights Youth Organization)

Participating countries: Greece, Malta, Czech Republic, Italy

Czech participants: Alireza Hassanzadeh (GL), Jan Trojáček, Ha My Luongová, Mariia Yermak, Josef Ručka, Nina Jeřábková, Aneta Kiššová

Project report:

Our journey to Palermo with Czech team started together and all of us met in Prague. In the evening in Palermo we met in hostel with Greek team, which was unfortunately the only other team in the project. Some Italian participant joined us sometimes in activities but they didn’t live with so it was hard to create any connection between us. We lived together in a shared room for 14 people. Accommodation was simple hostel, but situated in center so already fist evening we explored city a bit. Activities were in park and was visible that it’s a first project that organizators are making. They tried to do their best but schedule and planning was kind of  chaotic. Our meals were in a bistro across the street and for sure not what all of us expected from Italy. At the end we mostly changed our bistro to street food, which was awesome! 
In activities we brainstormed, made researches, presentation, played some non educative games and at the end made even with workshops how not to use smartphone and enjoy more present moment and find out some better activities instead of wasting time on smartphones. In our free time we made treasure hunt in a city, went to the beach, visited monuments and museum. Unfortunately we didn’t even have intercultural night.
At the end I enjoyed this project, I met new real friends that I gonna meet more that once in my life, I had fun and I was in present time. I saw new city, new different culture that we are not used to in Czech republic and I learned something more about myself. And Palermo is so romantic city!
                                                                                                                                    Aneta Kiššová

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