V.I.D.A. II (Volunteering Is a Defining Action II) — Spain


Dates: 15. 1. – 15. 8. 2017

Venue: Puente Tocinos Murcia, Spain

Programme and action: Erasmus+, KA1, European Voluntary Service

Volunteer: Tomáš Pavloň

Something about the project: It is composed as a long-term EVS, the Asociación La Enredadera Vivencial is the hosting organisation. It is specialized in working in the field of educational intervention with families and children in the municipality of Murcia.

Proposed activities for the volunteers: Our projects and actions of social intervention in which we work and where our volunteer will develop his/her activities in order to support us are:

  • Support in workshops and educational activities: workshops and leisure activities with children, workshops on maintenance and decoration of educational space with parents, environmental workshops and maintaining the ecological garden with children and parents, music workshops, dance workshops, theater workshops, cooking workshops, games and open space activities, etc;
  • Support and participation in the creation of educational materials for children and parents;
  • Support in intercultural workshops, as well as performing a specific workshop on the volunteer’s culture and his/her country of origin;
  • Support in games workshops as well as undertaking educational and recreational initiatives;
  • The volunteer will be offered space to propose his/her own activities or ideas to implement them, whenever they will have a positive impact on the educational project and the beneficiaries;
  • Support in promoting EVS activities in the Region of Murcia.

EVS report:

I volunteered in program European Voluntary Service in Murcia (Spain) in association „La Enredadera Vivencial“ from 15th January till 15th August 2017.

My aim was to try the profession of teacher, improve my skills as an animator of youth and children activities and learn the spanish language. La Enredadera is a private school in the outskirts of spanish metropolis Murcia, which is using non-formal education methodologies, inspired mostly in Montessori, Waldorf and others. My tasks were related to teaching of english language to kids 3-10 years old. I used games, handicrafts, theater, music and other convenient non-formal educative tools. Most of the materials I had to prepare myself with help from my supervisor and other teachers. I also supported other activities held at school and helped with its maintenance. The school works with the idea of social community of parents, kids and friends of the school who were sharing a lot of time together also outside the school. I enjoed this kind of environment and I felt that I was warmly accepted in this community.

Apart from duties related to school I studied spanish language, salsa, swing, guitar, cooking of spanish cuisine and I was exploring Spain, local habits and culture.

We lived with three volunteers in very cozy flat in the centre of the city and I used bicycle to get to school every day. Our coordinating organisation „Euroacción“ took care of my well-being and often was gathering volunteers togehter to discuss their questions, help them to solve their issues, or simpy to have a nice friendly chat and eat something. I took part in two trainings of volunteers in Baňos de Montemayor and Mollina, where we learned how to use our advantages as a volunteer abroad and made many contacts with other participants.

Most importantly I feel that I improved my interpersonal skills, particularly teaching, proactivity in making new contacts, public speaking, using foreign languages, managing my time, and many others. Many thanks to all beautiful people I met thanks to EVS!


Tomáš Pavloň

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