Video As An Awareness Tool — Belgium


Date: 27th of April –  5th of May 2012

Venue: Brussels, Belgium

Participants: Ondřej Serbousek, Josef Kaštil, Vladimír Maryška

Project report:

The project venue was situated in Belgiums capital – Brussels. We were accommodated in JES hostel, near the city center (20 minutes by walk). All activities and workshops took place there. 25 young people from France, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Czech Republic took part in this project.

The main aim of this project were common practices and everything about creating videos – from shooting till final editing and presenting.

Our trainers presented and explained different techniques and procedures on how to make a good video. The main aim of the project were short video-clips – which we we were making for 3 days, in 4 groups. At the end, we created a DVD with our all video-clips, that we had made during this project. 

I was very satisfied with this project, profesional level of our learning experience was very high, and everybody learned a lot of new practices and techniques.

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