Voices of Freedom – Georgia


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1.2. training course

Venue: Batumi, Georgia

Dates: 13-20 June 2014

Participants: Lukáš Libánský, Klára Hálková 

Project report:

Madloba Jorjia! Our amazing project named „The voices of freedom“ took place at Kobuleti, small coastal town in western Georgia. The majority of participants came on the 13th of June and left on the 20th of June. There was a mix of more than 30 participants in this project from 12 different countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Czech Republic, Georgia and Spain. Our two experienced trainers – Jovan and Zlatko came from Macedonia.

Thanks to our varied international team, our cooperation was challenging and enriching together. Even if some participants could not speak English very well, we managed to understand each other and collaborate after all. And that is one of the main goals of every non-profit organisation! At the beginning, we played pleasant team-building and introductory games, which later really helped us to relax and cooperate better in solving serious topics in teams. Among others, we discussed an impact of social media on our everyday life and we learned how to use various social media effectively in order to promote our aims and organisations.

We also experienced Georgia – really interesting place, full of contrasts. Dispite of prevailing poverty, people are very kind, friendly and easy-going. The country is developing nowadays, so we could see modern skyscrapers next to the old panel blocks of flats or cars from eighties driving along with brand new models. There is also beautifull nature with high mountines, green forests, rocks, rivers or waterfalls. Cows walk freely on the streets and traffic regulations are not necessary. We had also an oportunity to discover one of the most popular cities in Georgia – Batumi, which is fast growing turist resort city at the seaside.


In conclusion, this project taught us mainly how to respect and collaborate with people from different cultures toward common beneficial goals with help of social media. In addition, we made new international friends and got to know new interesting places. Thanks to EYCB and organisators for this unforgetable experience!

Lukáš Libánský

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