We Are on the Move – Norway


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 4.3. training course

Venue: Drammen, Norway

Dates: 10-17 April 2014

Participants: Karolína Břinková, Kateřina Bárová, Veronika Batelková, Martina Vyplašilová, Martina Otřísalová

Project report

The project “We are on the move”, took place in a beautiful modern city Drammen, Norway. Participating countries were the Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy and Turkey. The main topics of this training course focused on an original compilation of CVs and motivational letters and on the discussion about youth unemployment throughout Europe.

The provided accommodation was in the four star hostel with rich buffet-breakfasts. The team of organizers was of Turkish origin therefore, we ate mainly Turkish food in the Turkish style. For example, our dinners were served in the mosque.

Our daily programme was very well organised by our Estonian trainer. We were working on the activities in the Drammen youth centre where we had all we needed for our work and coffee breaks. The outcome of our one-week training is surely very well usable in our future everyday lives, especially while applying for a new job or EVS.

The communication with the organizers and out trainer was really great. They tried to meet all of our ideas or suggestions for improvements.

We spent the evenings by sharing our cultural differences via the traditional intercultural nights. J We also had one whole free day. The Czech group decided to go hiking. We used this great opportunity to discover a tiny bit of the charming Norwegian nature.

I am very thankful to EYCB for letting me enjoy this unforgettable experience. It was an awesome and useful week in Norway!

Martina Vyplašilová

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