What are you going to do with your humanities degree? — Poland


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Wisła, Poland

APV Dates: 1 – 3 September  2017

Youth Exchange dates: 24 September – 1 October 2017

Participants: Jiří Kadlec

Group leader: Karolína Opavová, Veronika Černíčková, Marika Hendrychová

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Participating countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy

Hosting organisation: Chrześcijańska Służba Charytatywna

Project report: 

The number of young people graduating from universities all around the globe is increasing. Therefore, a university diploma is not enough to get a satisfying job anymore. A youth exchange called What Are You Going To Do With Your Humanities Degree aimed to equip youngsters with tools and skills necessary to succeed in hunting a dream job.

A group of young adults from 5 different countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Bulgaria) gathered in Wisla, Poland, in order to work together on overcoming obstacles that we face when applying for our first jobs. We discussed about what are options are, what are other possibilities of informal education, how to write a good CV or how to realise what we actually want to achieve in our lives. At the last day of the exchange, we were also introduced into the secrets of moviemaking and shot a very short movie. Another highlight of the exchange was a one-day hike to nearby waterfalls – a great moment of relaxation while soaking in the beauty of Polish Woods!

The Czech group would hereby like to express our gratitude to the European Youth Center Břeclav. Thank you for those intensive seven days!

Jiří Kadlec 

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