The Adventure of Learning Outside – Estonia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+: Youth, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Viljandi, Estonia

Youth exchange dates: 15—23 July 2021

APV dates: 10—13 June 2021

Please read the info-pack and daily programme.

Participants’ fee: (collected by the hosting organisation): €25/participant

Participating ountries: Czech Republic, Moldova, Spain, Ukraine

Hosting organisation: Noored Ühiskonna Heaks

Project description:

The practice of outdoor education has been an active part of non-formal education for years, and due to its interactive character it has experienced many stages of development: both in theoretical, conceptual, pedagogical, practical and case-to-case ways. The term ‘outdoor education’ has been defined and used in many ways. Some time ago outdoor education was used as a synonymous with environmental education and outdoor recreation. The term, however, has transformed itself from environmental education to broader meanings and now it is frequently applied to programs or activities that can be, and usually are, conducted in the out-of-doors, and implying an interaction between the participant and the outdoor environment.

The general essential characteristics of outdoor education nevertheless have stayed the same. It occurs in the out-of doors, it has its participants directly involved in the activity, it involves the interpretation of original objects, it defines relationships rather than reciting individual, apparently isolated facts, it involves as many senses as possible and it invites participation because activity is perceived as being interesting, challenging and/or even fun. So, outdoor education activities now seek to develop values relating to group work (in-group versus out-group), leadership and self-esteem.

This Youth Exchange aims experiential learning methods of outdoor education, with a perspective on improving and including those groups of youth that are faced with social exclusion for numerous reasons (cultural background, sexual orientation, socio-economical position, etc.) in an Europe post-Covid 19.

Aim and Objectives:

Improving quality of inclusive young people by rising their competences to use and know the limitations of outdoor education and experiential learning methods, as renewed ways to learn while outdoors.

The objectives below make this aim more specific:

  • Giving the target group tools to deal with quality experiential learning in outdoor education.
  • Exchanging and sharing experiences, concepts and methods of outdoor education and experiential learning.
  • Exploring ways to incorporate diversity management into the work and trainings the participants do.
  • Increasing knowledge of the theoretical and pedagogical background of outdoor education and experiential learning methods;
  • Developing teamwork, leadership and cooperation skills of the participants.
  • Raising ability to transfer outdoor education and experiential learning concepts into day-to-day youth work practice;

It is foreseen that one of the main results of the project will be increasing the learning possibilities, competence, experiences, skills and knowledge to use, adapt and create new outdoor education and experiential learning methods to their needs and wishes. Therefore there is space foreseen for increasing individual skills of the participating young people (for example a session where participants will be developing their own methods, workshops, activities within the outdoor education and experiential learning concept), which will have direct influence on quality of their daily lives and re-connection with the outside World!

The exchange might include hiking, tenting and canoeing.

Target group/participants’ profile:

  • Young people interest to hike, canoe and adventure;
  • Young people with interest in intercultural learning and active life style;
  • Participants that have would like to improve their self-expression competences;
  • Aged 18 – 25 (no limit for group leader)

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