What’s Next: How to Find Your Passion — Estonia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+: Youth, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Viljandi, Estonia

Youth exchange dates: 24 July—1 August 2021

APV dates: TBA

Please read the info-pack.

Participants’ fee: (collected by the hosting organisation): €20/participant

Participating countries: Estonia, Italy, Czech Republic, Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine

Hosting organisation: Mittetulundusühing Discovering Opportunities

Prroject description:

This youth exchange intends to approach present obstacles in our society where young people express themselves only in the virtual world and social media but has very little confidence to communicate outside the virtual word, and therefore make positive and constructive decision in their real life.

Our youth exchange intends to be a place where youngsters (16 – 20 years old) can express themselves about what’s next in their life. Study? Occupation? Work Life? Family? Which kind of life you can have and how to achieve it?

We would like to open the space where we could practice our communication, share our experience and talk about the best way to achieve our dreams either in education, private life and career. Above all, we intend to create a space to boost young people’s confidence to Find Their Passion!


  • To increase the self-esteem and confidence of young people through interpersonal communication exercises;
  • to address situations of conflict and exclusion of young people living in multicultural environments through non-formal education, role play and games;
  • to develop conceptual and practical means of choosing the most constructive path into the realities of young people;
  • to explore different forms of arts (acting, photo, video, drawing) in order to promote themselves and their life obstacles;
  • to initiate and support up to five innovative local actions, events or workshops with a youngsters to find their passion and career choices using non-formal methods

Participants’ profile/Target group:

  • Young people in transition phase in their lives;
  • Young people with interest in intercultural learning and activism;
  • Young people who are interest to find their passion and career;
  • Participants that have would like to improve their self-expression competences;
  • Aged 16 – 20

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