Where are YOUth — Armenia


Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1. training course

Venue: Dilijan, Armenia

Pax: Michaela Smíšková, Ondřej Holomek, Petra Svobodová

Participating countries: Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Gergia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Moldova, Netherlands, Romania and Ukraine.


Project report:

The project Where are YOUth? took place in a small town Dilijan in Armenia  and it focused on informal learning and education. The project involved 36 participants from 12 different countries.We were accommodated in a nice modern hotel with large garden. The meal was 4 times a day and it was delicious.

Overall aim of the project was to train young youth workers and youth leaders in developing their youth work and competencies in order to work towards inclusion and a sense of citizenship with disadvantage young people. Training course was very well prepared..Organizers of course were very professional. The course was very motivating. We have gained valuable experience for the future.This course surpass all my expectations.

Thanks to the course I met new friends and interesting people.I hope it was not our last cooperation.

I am still full of impressions. Armenia is a very beautiful country with beautiful nature and cultural heritage. People are very nice and friendly.


I hope it was my last opportunity to visit Armenia!!!

Petra Svobodová

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