With.In Nature – Denmark


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Allinge, Bornholm, Denmark

Dates: 30 August – 6 September 2017

Participants: Jana Velanová

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Participating countries: UK, Spain, Estonia, Malta, Czech Republic, Romania, Cyprus, Slovakia, Latvia, France and Belgium

Hosting organisation: Dansk ICYE

Project report: 

Training course With.In Nature was held since 30.8.2017 until 6.9. 2017. As the venue was chosen Danish island Bornholm. The event was organized by the Dansk ICYE (International Cultural Youth Exchange). The coure was designed mainly for youth workers. On the course participated 24 persons from 12 European countries.

The main objective of course was support personal development during the collective activities and in interconnection with nature. The program started immediately upon arrival although travelling was tiring for most of the people. But the organizers fortunately helped us with the search for means of transport including ferry. After the teambuilding games, followed the activities which were used to create a collaborative team from our group. Each participant had also opportunity to express how he or she wants cooperate and what kind of environment is needed for it. We chose the principles which we followed throughout the week. For example, I can mention openness, patience and respect for the needs of others. Throughout the course we devoted ourselves to the themes that gradually led us deeply and deeply into our personalities, teach us to know ourselves, to collaborate in a team and not to be afraid to express our fears, sorrows or passions. We have also slowly determined the area we would like to focus on in the future and what we would like to improve or change in this sphere, and we were thinking about the steps we could take to do so. The most expected point of the course was a day trip where we had the opportunity to dive into our inner world through the surrounding wonderful nature and when the name of the training With.In nature got real sense. An interesting experience was the moment when we were tasked to follow the trainers in utter silence. We had the opportunity to be only with our thoughts and to concentrate on how we perceive nature.  Two our colleagues were so concentrated that they were lost from the group. After two hours, we found them and they were excited because of this extended experience.

The course content was unexpected and sometimes surprising for me. I think it was a great fortune that the group that arrived at Bornholm was composed of great and open people with different life experiences. It wasn´t such a problem for anyone to open up and communicate personal feelings and experiences, even though some were a  little bit sensitive. We have also established new contacts and friendships, and I think that each of the participants will be remembered this experience for a long time. 


                                                                                                                                                                                          Jana Velanová

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