World Water for Youth – Armenia


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1.1. youth exchange

Dates: 1-10 April 2014

Venue: Tsakhadzor, Armenia

Participants: Adéla Foltýnová, Kristýna Dohnalová, Adriana Plotzerová, Tereza Doškářová, Matěj Halouska

Participating countries: Armenia, Portugal, Ukraine, Russia, Greece, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Georgia

Project report

Ողջույն Հայաստան – Hello Armenia!

The czech team had a great opportunity to visit the amazing country under the view of the allmighty Ararat. We joined the Youth in Action project World Water for Youth in April 2014. We met participants from Moldavia, Ukraine, Georgia, Greece, Italy, France and Portugal. We discussed problems connected with fresh water resources and supplies. Althought the project itself wasn´t organised in a good way, we had a lot of fun together. Armenians are really proud of their land and history. It is the first country of the world which recognised christianity as its official religion. Due to their problematic partnership with other countries of caucasian region and long soviet era Armenia is really poorly developed. And also really cheap. We enjoyed very much our private Lada taxi with mad but always helpful driver. Nevertheless, people of Armenia are always full-hearted, welcoming and generally cheerful nation. We visited lot of places connected with the history of Armenia – Garni and Geghard temple, center of their religion Echmiadzin or beautiful monastery Khor Virap just next to Ararat mountain. The landscapes are breathtaking. Also we enjoyed cuisine of caucasian region – especially Kchachapuri was the best. If you´re in doubt don´t hesitate – Armenia is worth visiting!

Adéla Foltýnová 

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