Y.E.S. U.S. – Youth Empowerment and Self EntrepreUrShip – Italy


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Castiglione, Teverina, Italy

Dates: 14-21 November 2015

Participants: Martin Kubiš, Karolína Greplová, Nikola Doanová, Alžběta Šubrtová, Iveta Miturová

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Hosting organisation: Comune di Chianciano Terme

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Poland

Project report:

Ciao! Welcome to the country where time doesn’t matter – Italy.

 We had the pleasure to spend a beautiful week in a small town called Castiglione in Teverina, in Lazio, Italy and it was definitely one of the best experience in our lives. The topic of the project was Youth Empowerment and Self Entrepreneurship.

The project was based in Castiglione where also most of the course took place. At first, there were a lot of ice-breaking activities that really helped us to get to know each other and to make, hopefully, a good first impression. As soon as we realized that all participants of the training course are very open minded and amazing people, we could start learning and exploring all the important things about entrepreneurship and youth empowerment.

Thanks to the organizers we had, for example, a chance to try working as a team when establishing a new business which certainly wasn‘t easy at all. We also had the task to somehow demonstrate one of the 8 key competences for being a good entrepreneur to others which was mostly very funny and we got a chance to see the acting talent of all people involved, including organizers. J

The national dinner organized by every single participating country (in this case Poland, Portugal and Czech Republic) gave us the opportunity to get to know their local culture and habits. Naturally we’ve also learned a lot about Italy and its culture.


 Since the most interesting activity for me was when we went to the local school and we were supposed to lead a conversation with students and sort of try to pass some kind of knowledge to them and to motivate them in a certain way, I suppose the motto of the course could be „LEARNING TO LEARN“.  

Karolína Greplová

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