Y-EU-oth for Social Entrepreneurship — Cyprus


Programme: Erasmus+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Agros, Cyprus

Youth exchange dates: 20—28 May 2022

APV dates (= Advance Planning Visit): 26—28 March 2022. 

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain

Hosting organisation: Youth Dynamics

Czech team: Ema Urbánková (APV), Zuzana Gregorová (GL), Jakub Vaňura, Tomáš Kocián, Lukáš Vaníček, Štěpán Tomek, Nina Kartušáková

Project report:

Our unforgettable journey started on 20th of May in Agros, A picturesque village situated in the Cypriot
Mountains. Within the first dinner we set up a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Our bond
straightened even more not only because of funny energizers that haD been accompanying us during
the whole project, but also because every participant was very open and enthusiastic.
The purpose of youth exchange is education. This particular one was focused on social
entrepreneurship. We learnt what it means, how it can be useful, how to start our own enterprise and so
much more. We also gained knowledge in different aspects of life. For example, cultural nights were
such an enriching experience which allowed us to get to know more about the country we hadn ́t had the
chance to visit.
Our week, stuffed with new learnings, was specialised with many events. Starting with traditional rose
picking, followed by a rose festival, that entices many tourists from countries all around the world. We
SPENT the whole day sightseeing and strolling in Nicosia, the capital. We also visited Limassol, a
beautiful tourist city with nice beaches and crystal clear water. We all agreed that those trips belong to
the best moments of the week.
Last days were marked by emotions. Our goodbyes were stained with tears. We desperately wanted to
stay even a minute longer and the moment we realised our paths were parting, was heartbreaking. But
still, they were happy tears, in a way. It meant that we had put our hearts and our souls into this and gave
it everything we had and gained the same back. The friendships we made were real. It meant that
something beautiful had come to an end, but we were ready for another similar experience.
My last words are “thank you”. ThankS to everyone who has been part of this project. You have created
one of the most amazing weeks of my life.

                                                                                                                                 Ema Urbánková

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