Yes We Can! European Youth Leaders Training — Albania


Date: 10-18 April 2013

Venue: Pogradec, Albania

Pax: Michaela Lencová, Lucie Cepáková, Michal Hroneš

Programme and Action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1. traning course/PBA = partnership building activity

Project report: 

Yes We Can! training course took place in Albania near a small town called Pogradec. All the workshops and seminars were held in a newly built hotel at the shore of Lake Ochrid which boarders with Macedonia and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Eventhough the training was scheduled for whole-day activities, we had the opportunity to visit neighbouring Macedonia and to explore some elements of Balkan culture. The training enriched our knowledge of facilitating in a youth field through non-formal education and let us come up with our own youth project at the end of the course. Involved countries were Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.
Our training was aimed for youth workers and leaders on facilitating international and intercultural encounters. The programme started every day at 10am, finishing at 7pm. The trainers provided a great amount of knowledge and effort for letting us get involved in the youth programmes. Working in multicultural environment had created place for sharing experience and knowledge of cultures of every participant. We were working in teams divided by our skills, country and age. In the midterm period we had created a NGO fair, which provided space for every each of the participating organization to present the field of their activities and to share contacts. At the end of the course was fulfiled the aim of our training by creating our own international youth project. All informations needed for completing this final task were given to us by trainers. 
Michal Hroneš

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