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Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

YE venue: Viljandimaa (in Sürgavere), Estonia

Youth Exchange Dates: 28 April – 6 May 2019

APV Dates: 1-4 March 2019

APV Venue: Tartu, Estonia

Participants: Tereza Barabaschová, Aneta Neubauerová, Zuzana Tóthová, Natálie Kálecká

Group leader: Anna Roithinger

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Hosting organisation: MTÜ Noored Ühiskonna Heaks

Participants’ fee: €20/participant (collected by hosting organisation)

Participating countries: Italy, Spain, Greece, Hungary, CR

Project report: 


Hi everyone! First of all i would like to say i just love this atmosphere what you will get at projects, the people, relationships, feelings…. We came to Tallin 28th April the project was in small village called Surgavere, we came by bus near by and organizator her name is Tairi came by car to pick us up, from, i was travelling with other 3 girls who came from CR. Tairi took us to the place where we were staying it was sport centre and i know it maybe sounds little bit scary even after i tell you that we had only 3 sharing showers, but it was actually absolutelly amazing! We had 1 big gym over here, activity room and youth centre it was actually for kids but we had our coffe breaks over there. We came late so it was already after dinner but Tairi kept something for us for the case we are hungry after this long journey ( and it was really long journey i don´t understand why the projects are always on some place like this ), after our arrivals most of the people were already here, there was in total 30 people, participiants from Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Greece, Hungary and we can´t forget abour participians from Estonia of course it was their project!

We started to make friendships from the very first day and as everywhere there was someone who always make us laught and someone who we will never forget. Tairi was the organizator and she was just amazing and helpfull from the big problems until the problems with toilet paper, you could asked her for everything. About the topic what im really interested in i have to say they had amazing program one of the organizator his name was Marco had few really good workshops and gave us interesting and usefull advices about enterpreneurship and for that i´m greatful. After few days at the project we could see how the relatioships are being built and how people who have similar characters are becaming to be closer to each other. In the middle of this project we had free activity day in Tartu so it was time for exploring and at the end of the day we all met at the restaurant for dinner, it was of course PIZZA!

We enjoyed this week together as a family, the relatioships had been built as one of the participiant said : „Big groups are together, after that smaller groups are together and we can´t forget about boys and girls who wants to be alone and have connections.“  Because it was youth Exchange the program was starting everyday at 10AM so we had enough time to sleep and also enough time to make connection with other people. I came home with happy feeling i met a lots of amazing people and my head is full of ideas. I´m still suprise about that how amazing ideas and how big dreams have people around me from other countries. We also spent one evening with people from another youth exchange they were just in the village 30minutes away from us so we visited them and have the opportunity share our feelings about being at the project in Estonia. I´m going to miss the atmosphere what i had over there but i believe i can meet this people at another project because they were all active and open to travell around Europe!

Tereza Barabaschová 

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