You(th) Can Do It! – Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Ankara, Turkey

Dates: 9-17 November 2015

Participants: Tereza Rýcová, Jitka Jurníková 

Please read the info-pack and daily activities schedule.

Participating countries: Lithuania, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Turkey, BiH, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro.

Hosting organisation: Younclusion Youth Inclusion Association

Project report:

In November 2015 I participated in a project named YOU(TH) CAN DO IT in the capital of Turkey, Ankara. This project lasted for 7 days and gathered young people from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Romania, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montemegro and Serbia.

We got accommodated in a hotel in the very centre of the city which was an advantage especially in our free time as we could easily discover beauties of Ankara.

This training course was focused on project management, we were learning how to establish our own NGOs and write projects. Turkish hosting organization Younclusion cooperated with an Italian trainer Fausto who is experienced in writing project and who was leading most of the activities.

During this project we were learning mostly by doing. We got divided into 6 groups, when each represented one NGO dealing with some social problem such as unemployment of youngsters, poverty, bribery, etc. Then each NGO identified the problem and its causes and consequences by making a problem tree. Some of our activities were also dedicated to  the concept of the „Forum theatre“ and the „Theatre of oppressed“- each group played a theatre scene regarding the problem they were focusing on when the audience got actively involved, trying to help to find a solution to a problem. Other days we worked on establishment of aims, activities, logical framework, finance and sustainability of our projects. On the last day each group presented their project in front of a jury made of the organizers who subsequently rated out work and effort

In the middle of the project we got a free day that we could use for Ankara sightseeing.

To sum it up my feelings regarding this project are quite positive, even though we were sometimes rushing too much with the activities and I would also welcome more teambuilding activities at the beginning of the project but despite that we managed to become and awesome group of young people and friends.

Tereza Rýcová

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