Youth Inclusion Space: Sowing the Future — Spain


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Las Cabezas de San Juan, Seville, Spain

Dates: 30 October—6 November 2022

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National team size: 7 participants (aged 18-23) + 1 group leader (18+)

Hosting organisation: Recnetia Association

Project description:

With the realization of this exchange project of Key Action 1 “Young inclusion space. Sowing the Future” we intend to turn the local participation of young people around, transforming and presenting new routes for networking and youth mobility, using the opportunity that this program offers us to, at the community level, promote active citizenship and committed to inequalities and
with ecological awareness, betting on nature and the defense and conservation of natural spaces, starting from the local to the global, thus helping to curb climate change.

It is this commitment that young people have the opportunity to change the future for a more sustainable one. Fresh air, sun, rain, wind: this will be our environment with this project we are meant to live closer to nature, instead of being surrounded by pollution, noise, glass, LED lighting and asphalt!

Many youth workers want to use nature as a backdrop for youth work, simply because it greatly adds to the results we seek to create with youth. This course brings together trainers and youth workers who will live and learn from each other for a week in the El Ranchillo farmhouse south of Seville, Andalusia.

Altogether, there will be 24 Youth, from 3 organizations each of which will prepare a short interactive presentation. highlighting their own countries, the best ideas and examples related to youth work, youth and nature.

There will also be 5 youth worker leaders or managers who will monitor compliance with the program provided for in the Exchange. In this project we have as a main group a team of 10 people, 8 young people (4 girls and 4 boys) between 18 and 23 years old, students of philosophy, journalism, tourism, teaching, high school and intermediate and higher training cycles, plus the Councilor Delegate of the Delegation of Youth and Citizen Participation and the Youth Technician of the CIJ of the Ayto de Las Cabezas.

1. We seek that learning be through experience while we get to know the local natural spaces and the region to encompass feelings, perceptions and understanding that arise from emotional experiences in the open air.
2. Workshop for the creation of a didactic document.
3. Visits to natural areas Guadalquivir River, Doñana National Park, Costa…
4. Compensation of the carbon footprint
5. Tour of local socio-cultural spaces

The week will be developed around these 5 points and will develop environmental networks that teach how to defend the closest nature and be able to apply the learning with the young people with whom we interact in our countries every day in order to multiply their action.

Participants’ profile:
The age of the participants ranges between 18 and 23 years, from diverse social, educational and work situations. In other words, we intend to take a step further in terms of quality in their training and expectations of highly sensitized action with environmental awareness and education in values of disadvantaged sectors from non-formal education. Experience that serves as leisure, training and cooperation for the creation of a committed and supportive youth towards the planet and society.

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