Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav
Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav


Join our 10th birthday celebration!

This year we celebrate 10 years since EYCB was established! Since than we sent 1,200 young people to 500 abroad short-term (Erasmus+) Youth in Action projects, 15 volunteers to European Voluntary Service, organised 9 (Erasmus+) Youth in Action projects in the Czech Republic, realized a number of presentations and information workshops on high schools, universities and NGO fairs, actively participated in several volunteering activities.

We are very happy and proud about that and want to thank you for all your support. Therefore, we kindly invite you to a celebration of the 10th birthday of EYCB that will take place on Saturday 24 June from 5 pm at Expedition club Brno (Jezuitská 6/1, Brno 602 00). You can look forward to:

« presentation of ex-EVS volunteer,
« tips & tricks how to organise your own project,

«  slide-show with the most beautiful photos from projects,
« refreshments

You will also have a possibility to meet with other fans of non-formal education and project-travellers and ask EYCB members about everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask...

We are looking forward to meeting you!


We presented at a Roma scholars meeting

At Baruvas, a meeting of Roma scholars in Brno, we presented the Erasmus+ programme and our programme supporting economicaly disadvantaged youth. You can read more here.


2016 overview and all the best in 2017!

We wish you all the best in the new year - a lot of health, success, luck and fantastic travel experiences (not only) with the Erasmus+ programme!

Thank you very much for your support and cooperation, it is only thanks to you that we can do so many things for young people. Thank you!

How did we fare in 2016?

We sent 405 young people to 106 projects abroad  in 30 European countries. We broadened a number of countries young people could visit with us - newly to Kosovo. We also sent our 1100th participant to a project abroad.

We were succesful also in European Voluntary Service (EVS) sending 8 volunteers to 8 EVS projects in 6 countries.

In Lednice we organised - in cooperation with Belgian NGO Connected Elephant - a training course "Creating your own working future" focused on self-developement and employability. Twenty-four youth workers from Armenia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Moldova, Slovakia and Turkey participated in this TC.

We also continued implementing workshops about the Erasmus+: Youth programme, this year e.g. at Elgartova grammar school in Brno, University of Hradec Králové or Břeclav Grammar School. We also organised a public meeting and disscussion with a volunteer we sent to Ghana as a volunteer-health worker.

Within support of volunteering we also participated in a local activity "Clean Up Břeclav".

We organised a photo contest and from the most beautiful photos from projects abroad we then created a calendar for 2017.

Last but not least, we initiated a cooperation with a job centre in Břeclav where we promote Erasmus+: Youth projects as a form of further education for the unemployed.

Thanks to you, also this year our member, this time EYCB president and EVS coordinator Jakub Miklín, won the 'Person of 2016 of non-profit non-governmental organisation of the South Moravian Region' poll.


Help with us - the Giving Tuesday is coming!

On 29th November, we will celebrate the #GivingTuesdayCZ - the world's Day of volunteering and good stuff - for the first time here in the Czech Republic. And EYCB is proud to be part of it! If you wish to celebrate this day with us, please join our donors and support those young people who, because they do not have enough money, cannot buy their flight/travel tickets and take part in amazing Erasmus+: Youth projects.

You can send any amount you wish to our bank account (please, see the details below) and help those youths to develop their competences, get to know foreign countries and cultures and gain valuable experience and new friends.
From your money we will buy not only travel tickets, but also travel insurance and passport for those unpriviledged youngsters.

Bank name: Fio banka, a.s.
Bank adress: V Celnici 1028/10, 117 21, Praha 1
Bank account holder's name: Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav/European Youth Centre Břeclav z.s.
Full bank account number (incl. bank code): 2800605023/2010
IBAN: CZ98 2010 0000 0028 0060 5023

Please use the symbol 150307 when sending the money.

Thank you!

Jakub Miklín was awarded the 'Person of 2016 of non-profit non-governmental organisation of the South Moravian Region'!

Many thanks to all of you who voted for Jakub Miklín. Thanks to you Jakub became the 'Person of 2016 of non-profit non-governmental organisation of the South Moravian Region'!

Jakub has been volunteering for the European Youth Centre Břeclav on various positions since its very beginning in 2007. Jakub performs the role of EYCB president and an EVS (European Voluntary Service) coordinator. Since he started as an EVS coordinator he has sent 10 youths to volunteer in non-profit non-governmental organisations in 5 European countries.

Jakub is also actively involved in all other activities of EYCB, e.g. presenting Erasmus+: Youth programme in secondary schools, organising local activities in Břeclav region, organisation's development, etc. This year Jakub also innitiated cooperation with Břeclav's job centre where the Erasmus+ opportunities are offered to unemployed youths. 

The entire EYCB team could not be happier about Jakub's success and we thank all of you who voted for him!

A mobility of youth workers "Creating your own working future" was approved

Erasmus+: KA1 mobility of youth workers "Creating your own working future" has been approved by the Czech National Agency. The training course prepared by EYCB in cooperation with Belgian NGO Connected Elephant will take place in Lednice between October 20th and 27th. Twenty four youh workers from Armenia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Moldova, Slovakia and Turkey will take part in it. The main aim of the TC is to improve work of youth workers so that they are able to effectively help young people in getting a job appropriate with their wishes and abilities. Please read more about the project here.

We have started cooperation with Břeclav Labour Office

As non-formal education Erasmus+ projects are a great opportunity to develop competencies, gain unique experiences and thus gain an advantage over other candidates in the labour market, we decided to promote this possibility also to young people who are currently unemployed.

Therefore, since June 2016 we have been, time to time, informing about abroad projects that are recently available, also at a dashboard of the Czech Labour Office, department Břeclav.

Hereby we would like to thank the Czech Labour Office, department Břeclav for a possibility to promote the Erasmus+: Youth projects at their premises.

Go for a trip to Paris and support human rights

An initiative Free Iran organises a trip to Paris between 8th and 11th July 2016 with aim of supporting freedom and human rights in Iran. Transport to this international gathering will be arranged by buses from several places in the Czech Republic. Price € 40 includes transport, one night spent in a hotel in Paris and one day sightseeing in Paris.

For Registration please fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LKQVcV0KKU-9N-lEG04u5ZQp-qRFnW7KSX31LWwfGTo/viewform?c=0&w=1&usp=mail_form_link. You can find more about the event on Facebook.

2015 Overview

We wish you successful and good year 2016. Thank you for taking part in our projects home and abroad and for your support, your interest in what we do and for being a source of endless inspiration to us.

This year we succeeded in sending 304 young people took part in 77 projects in 26 countries. We also sent our 800th participant to attend a project abroad. We are proud to report that in 2015 we sent groups to take part in projects in Switzerland and Ireland for the first time. We also sent 4 volunteers to 3 European Voluntary Service projects. All these project were supported by the Erasmus+: Youth programme and one was supported by Visegrad Fund.

2015 marked another milestone for EYCB as we succeeded in extending our scope of activity to Africa by sending a volunteer-health worker to the Ghanian OSDA organisation for three-month "We volunteer with FUN" project which we self-funded. 

In cooperation with other Břeclav organisations we organised a community festival "Břeclavané sobě". We introduced the possibilities of fun learning with the Erasmus+: Youth programme to students of technical school and business academy in Břeclav and of grammar schools in Mikulov and Velké Pavlovice. We organised two debates during which you could meet our EVS ex-volunteers (you can read more here and here) and discover how European Voluntary Service works. We also promoted the Erasmus+: Youth programme at festivals "Nestůj... cestuj!", Nestůj... cestuj! vol. 2" and NGO Fair Brno.

Our project coordinator Jana Parollková received an honour when she was awarded the "Person of the Year 2015 in the non-profit non-governmental sector of South Moravian region."

We prepared a new donor's programme for you, so now you can be rewarded with beautiful collapsa-bags, T-shirts and sweatshirts for your donations.

Workshop about Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme at the Grammar School Mikulov

We do our best to spread information about fantastic possibilities of non-formal education offered by projects funded by the Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme to as many young people as possible. This time we visited the Grammar School Mikulov. We think the best way to understand what the Erasmus+ projects look like and what non-formal learning is, is to show the pupils through activities of non-formal learning. Therefore, we also prepared teambuilding activities for students.

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