2016 overview and all the best in 2017!


We wish you all the best in the new year – a lot of health, success, luck and fantastic travel experiences (not only) with the Erasmus+ programme!

Thank you very much for your support and cooperation, it is only thanks to you that we can do so many things for young people. Thank you!


How did we fare in 2016?

We sent 405 young people to 106 projects abroad  in 30 European countries. We broadened a number of countries young people could visit with us – newly to Kosovo. We also sent our 1100th participant to a project abroad.

We were succesful also in European Voluntary Service (EVS) sending 8 volunteers to 8 EVS projects in 6 countries.

In Lednice we organised – in cooperation with Belgian NGO Connected Elephant – a training course “Creating your own working future focused on self-developement and employability. Twenty-four youth workers from Armenia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Moldova, Slovakia and Turkey participated in this TC.

We also continued implementing workshops about the Erasmus+: Youth programme, this year e.g. at Elgartova grammar school in Brno, University of Hradec Králové or Břeclav Grammar School. We also organised a public meeting and disscussion with a volunteer we sent to Ghana as a volunteer-health worker.

Within support of volunteering we also participated in a local activity “Clean Up Břeclav“.

We organised a photo contest and from the most beautiful photos from projects abroad we then created a calendar for 2017.

Last but not least, we initiated a cooperation with a job centre in Břeclav where we promote Erasmus+: Youth projects as a form of further education for the unemployed.

Thanks to you, also this year our member, this time EYCB president and EVS coordinator Jakub Miklín, won the ‘Person of 2016 of non-profit non-governmental organisation of the South Moravian Region‘ poll.

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