2015 Overview


We wish you successful and good year 2016. Thank you for taking part in our projects home and abroad and for your support, your interest in what we do and for being a source of endless inspiration to us.

This year we succeeded in sending 304 young people took part in 77 projects in 26 countries. We also sent our 800th participant to attend a project abroad. We are proud to report that in 2015 we sent groups to take part in projects in Switzerland and Ireland for the first time. We also sent 4 volunteers to 3 European Voluntary Service projects. All these project were supported by the Erasmus+: Youth programme and one was supported by Visegrad Fund.

2015 marked another milestone for EYCB as we succeeded in extending our scope of activity to Africa by sending a volunteer-health worker to the Ghanian OSDA organisation for three-month “We volunteer with FUN” project which we self-funded. 

In cooperation with other Břeclav organisations we organised a community festival “Břeclavané sobě“. We introduced the possibilities of fun learning with the Erasmus+: Youth programme to students of technical school and business academy in Břeclav and of grammar schools in Mikulov and Velké Pavlovice. We organised two debates during which you could meet our EVS ex-volunteers (you can read more here and here) and discover how European Voluntary Service works. We also promoted the Erasmus+: Youth programme at festivals “Nestůj… cestuj!”, Nestůj… cestuj! vol. 2″ and NGO Fair Brno.

Our project coordinator Jana Parollková received an honour when she was awarded the “Person of the Year 2015 in the non-profit non-governmental sector of South Moravian region.”

We prepared a new donor’s programme for you, so now you can be rewarded with beautiful collapsa-bags, T-shirts and sweatshirts for your donations.

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