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Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav

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20. 3. 2019

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20. 10. 2016

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24. 10. 2014

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7. 9. 2013

Problem? Lets Solve It!
23. 6. 2013

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1. 9. 2011

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12. 9. 2009

Problem? Lets Solve It!
23. 6. 2013

Our training course (4.3.) "Problem? Let´s Solve It!"accepted by the Czech National Agency and supported from the Youth in Action programme with a grant in the amount of €14 528, took place in Lednice, Czech Republic from 23 June until 30 June 2013. During this week, EYCB hosted youths from seven nations: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

The project focused on handling critical situations in lives of young people and took place in the beautiful surroundings of UNESCO protected Lednice-Valtice area from 23 June till 30 June 2013.

The host organization of the project was European Youth Centre Břeclav, Czech Republic.

The participating countries were: Bulharia, Estonia, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom.

Please read more about our project in the summary below:

Training course "Problem? Let’s solve it!" was composed as an eight-days long action 4.3. within the Youth in Action programme. The project took place in the region of Southern Moravia in town of Lednice, where the world famous UNESCO sight Lednice–Valtice Cultural landscape is located.

The project took place from 23 June until 30 June and involved 21 young people from Turkey, Estonia, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain and the Czech Republic.

Together we were under the guidance of trainers and experts and we learnt about problematic behaviour of various social groups. We focused on racism, xenophobia, antisemitism and other problems present in our societies.

A part of the activities were lead by experienced experts in the problem environment; an educator in a diagnostic institute and a police prison psychologist.

Through different kinds of activities, from energizers and icebreakers in first part of the training course, we continued to the interactive discussions, presentations and simulations of real-life situations or self-evaluations.

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Daily activities schedule

Travel guide

Important part of the training course will introduce the scope of Youth in Action programme that will focus on each type of action. We will discuss possibilities that the Youth in Action programme offers and we will clarify any doubts. We will also discuss the system and importance of the European Union, the advantages of its democratic system and the position of the European citizen.
The main aims of the project are to raise awareness of possible solutions of conflict situations and to successfully face and solve critical situations. We will also raise awareness about the European Union, the benefits for it citizens and especially the benefits of the Youth in Action programme.

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