(2I + E) Changing the World – Spain


Dates: 7 December 2020 – 6 July 2021

Venue: Granada, Spain

Programme and action: European Solidarity Corps, volunteering projects – long-term

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Hosting organization: Ciudad de los niños Granada

Volunteers Serena Šmejcká, Tomáš Fediuk

ESC report:

I was a volunteer in the program of European Solidarity Corps and I was a participant of the project – Ciudad de los Niños in Granada, Spain. I lived straight in the complex Ciudad de los Niños in a shared room with another person. I ate in a dining room.

I did a lot of things like: organization and development of various sports, cooking, and cultural activities including educational workshops and leading individual English, Spanish, business and economy and Microsoft office classes for beneficiaries of the Emancipation Programme (aged 18-20). Spanish support in the local kindergarten, English support in the primary school, and high school (children aged 3-16). Project Energizer – daily dynamic 10-minute lessons of English in the mornings in the primary school. Participation in the primary school’s radio shows. Attending Arabic and Spanish classes. Renewal of an idle greenhouse from land adjustments and growing crops to finally harvesting the fruit.

Thanks to arrival and mid-term training online (because of Covid-10), I´m now comfortable using videoconference platforms such as Zoom.

Living in such a diverse place as “Ciudad de los Niños” has taught me a lot.

It made me relate with African immigrants and also with children and youngsters from different social, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.

I, therefore, learned much about tolerance, multiculturality, patience, respect, and solving conflicts.

I also tested my ability to step out of my comfort zone adapting to ever-changing conditions.

In addition, I actively encouraged myself to get the most out of the opportunity on a personal, social, and professional level by setting goals and keeping track of the learning process.

Serena Šmejcká

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