(2I + E) Changing the World – Spain


Dates: 7 December 2020 – 6 July 2021

Venue: Granada, Spain

Programme and action: European Solidarity Corps, volunteering projects – long-term

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Hosting organization: Ciudad de los niños Granada

Volunteers Serena Šmejcká, Tomáš Fediuk

Tasks for the volunteers:

The objectives of this volunteer project are:
– To promote social development and learning of the youth and children in the risk of exclusion through formal and non-formal education.
– Educate the minors and youth in the values of tolerance, respect to cultural diversity, interculturality.
– Provide resources for the minors and youth to acquire increase and develop necessary competences for the labour market.
– Create a space of mutual cooperation in the topic of education through the participation of the teachers, volunteers and the professionals which are related to the project.
The activities of the volunteer will take place in the following areas of intervention:
– Educational centre program
– Basic fostering residential program
– Emancipation program
– School home program
In this way, the activities of the volunteer are going to be related to the support and collaboration in the educational centre, such as:
– Collaboration with the professional team in corresponding reunion of coordination and monitoring the beneficiaries of the service.
– Collaboration with the monitors and educators in the designing of the formation workshops and group dynamics.
– Support the monitors and educators in the formal education activities, workshops to reinforce English, labour insertion workshops, sports activities, etc.

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