Take me in Europe 2 – Italy


Dates: 1 July 2020 – 23 June 2021

Venue: Molfetta, Italy

Programme and action: European Solidarity Corps (ESC) – volunteering partnership

Please read the infopack.

Hosting organization: Comune di Molfetta

Volunteer: Jesús Ríos Sánchez

Tasks for the volunteer:

  1. Organization and implementation of cultural and linguistic workshops. In particular, the volunteer together with the staff will promote non-formal learning, mobility of youth, international volunteering, active citizenship, participation of local youngsters and involvement of schools;
  2. projects about local heritage;
  3. communication activities (updating website and social network also in own language, creation of posters, video, leaflet according the attitude of the volunteers);
  4. being part of the Europa office, a place where new international projects will be created;
  5. support at the IAT tourist information office for example in guided tour in the city;
  6. Attending the staff meetings;
  7. Communication and promotion activities: updating the website, network, virtual groups, blogs and similar, designing flyers and brochure for special events;
  8. participation to the Italian language course;
  9. support for the organization of environmental events and the activities of the Forum Agenda XXI, the „Healthy Cities“ OMS project and the urban garden.

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